1099 Compliance Services: Minimizes Risk, Defines Relationships

Our compliance solution minimizes the potential risk our clients face by engaging 1099/ICís, and also reduces the time and burden required to capture and analyze each evaluation. It helps our clients clarify the parameters defining this delicate relationship.

We understand the need and value of our clients to have the ability to engage highly competent resources who are available on a 1099 basis; because of this, we work closely with our clients to engage these resources with a documented process that ensures peace of mind by minimizing risk.

Upon completing the 1099 evaluation, Zempleo can act as the Employer of Record (EOR) for resources who more aptly meet the definition of a W2 employee, or as Agent of Record (AOR) for those resources who meet the criteria of being 1099. Zempleo then provides optics and management of these resources, minimizing risk to our clients.

Innovation in ICC Area:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions are the perfect answer for some of our clients. Itís an approach that allows our clients to reduce the costs associated with their staffing program.

For example, with the recent enforcement of 1099 Contractor Compliance by the Federal Government, Zempleo has developed a program that evaluates the embedded base of contractors to mitigate and reduce risk exposure.

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