Managed Service Provider (MSP) is Ideal for Companies Who...

Are looking for a more centralized and efficient procurement model for using contingent workers and 1099 contractors; and more meaningful metrics to optimize ROI.

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MSP is a great solution for companies that:
  • Are not leveraging overall spend to drive down costs
  • Have inconsistent on boarding practices for contingent workers
  • Have multiple contingent workforce (Temporary) contracts to manage
  • Have multiple staffing vendor invoices to manage
  • Have multiple locations nationally
  • Use multiple vendors for the same skill sets
  • Want to expand diversity spend
  • Are experiencing rapid growth

Why the MSP Model Provides the Best Option

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Cost Savings through One Point of Contact
  • Cost Reduction in terms of hard and soft dollar
  • Centralizes Management, Utilization and Reporting of Contingent Workforce
  • Includes Contingent workers, Payroll Service or referred candidates, Scope of Work (SOW) and 1099 Contractors
Executive Management
  • Receives critical data points to strategically align Contingent Workforce with goals of organization

Cost Savings

Discover the hard and soft cost savings of implementing an MSP.

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Hard Dollar
  • Leverage Total Spend to Negotiate Current Rates
  • Analyze current pay rates to determine if skill and compensation are within Market parameters
  • "Right Size" position requirements
  • Volume Discounts
  • Payment Discounts
  • Tenure Discounts
  • Conversion Policy
  • Vendor Funded-No Fee to Client
Soft Dollar
Reduce Number of...
  • Invoices received, processed and sent for payment
  • Checks being cut to pay suppliers
  • Eliminate Time Wasters!
The MSP will...
  • Manage PO's
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors
  • Manage the approvals and distribution of requisitions to suppliers
  • Reduce the time it takes to fill requisitions
  • Manage all onboarding and off boarding functions

Screening/Ranking/Scoring Resumes from Subcontractors

Because Zempleo is a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, we understand the value...

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...and importance of having a diverse and qualified network of staffing partners for sub contracting opportunities both locally, and nationally. The subcontractor vetting process is based on the quality of past performance (references and past experience), financial stability of the company (validated via banking references and reviewed/audited financial statements), willingness to agree to contractual terms and conditions (mark ups, on boarding costs, assumption of liability, etc.), proper certifications and business documentation (business license, certificate of insurance, etc.), and Diversity Status (validated through certification via a recognizable certifying body)

Overall Solutions | Approach to Delivery of MSP Services

The Zempleo leadership team has experience implementing MSP programs that range from 50 contingent workers to over 500...

Read More > well as designing solutions that include both the management of Independent Contractors and Project Based Resources. The Zempleo team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge implementing Managed Services Provider programs and Vendor on Premise programs. As a result of partnering with several large global staffing and human capital management organizations over the years, Zempleo has developed a proven implementation plan and service delivery methodology comprised of these best practices.

Risk Mitigation

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MSP can mitigate risk through:
  • Vendor compliance audits
  • Background and drug screen audits
  • Vendor vetting for new suppliers
  • Management of tenure policy
  • Co-employment and 1099 classification audits
  • Physical security and management of issued assets like computers, fobs, badges, phones, etc*
  • Ensuring vendors are compliant with labor laws for each state.

Implement the Program Right For You... Technology Agnostic

Zempleo is a technology agnostic Managed Services Provider whose focus is on ensuring that the program implemented is the right one for our client.

This process allows us to select the right technology to create the right level of functionality for the client, the sub contractors, and our Zempleo management team.

An MSP Success Story

This case study highlights the issues one company was facing, the MSP solution developed, and the results.

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  • Decentralized program
  • Manual processes
  • Non-standardized mark-ups
  • Limited visibility and strategic sourcing capability
  • Unmanaged risk exposure
  • On-Site MSP
  • Tiered vendor neutral program
  • Technology enabled process
  • Online timekeeping and approval
  • Standardized program (process, mark-ups, contract)
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • >10% cost reduction through Bill Rate reductions
  • Soft cost savings through automated process
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Average Time to Fill <9 days
  • 100% program compliance
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